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FAQ a new service launched by Virtina (, a well-established eCommerce engineering company that has served 1700+ eCommerce clients in the last 6 years. Virtina is a certified eCommerce development company with partnerships in major eCOmmerce platforms like WordPress, WooCommere, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, OpenCart, Prestashop, 3DCart, Wix etc.

RMU(RainMaker.Uno), helps businesses to get their web pages found fast on Google Search Engine Results. For services businesses, the objective is to generate more qualified leads nationally or locally where as for eCommerce businesses to generate sales. RMU does it magic by investing the necessary resources upfront and as fast as possible
We are different from other traditional SEO companies in these 3 ways A: Technique: Instead of the traditional “Keyword-based SEO”, we have come up with an SEO process that is NOT based on keywords but based primarily on user’s intent and user experience. We call it “User-Based SEO” By combining a user-focused approach along with our human SEO/Content expertise and content optimization using a few cutting-edge A.I tools with a single objective of increasing your top line revenue or the number of qualified leads by making significant changes in (a) increase in search engine ranking positioning (b) decrease in bounce rate (c) increase in average time spent on page B: Methodology: Traditional SEO companies spends a fixed time per month on each project. The problem with this approach is that since SEO is a very dynamic, fast changing environment where both competition is changing the landscape and google is moving the target very often, spending a fixed amount of time to increase page ranking will naturally take months. We tackle this problem by investing whatever it takes upfront, as fast as possible to increase the search engine ranking , reduce the bounce rate or increase average time spent on page. C. Cost Structure: Traditional SEO companies charge their fees based on their effort, mostly independent of the results. At RainMaker.Uno, we follow “No Resutls No Cost” for qualifying clients. Please Click here for explanation.
For qualifying clients, the first invoice is sent only when we show significant improvement in either search results rankings, bounce rate or average time spent on the page. Some of the qualification criteria are: current page rank, domain authority, domain ranking, competition, our confidence in your client’s business.

Because of the our unique methodology used, typically we are able to produce results in about 12 weeks where are as traditional SEO takes 6 to 9 months on average

  1. Click Join Now and submit the application
  2. We review your application
  3. If you are approved, we will send you your referral link
  4. Once the first client signs up, we will send your portal logins for you to track your sign ups and revenue
As an affiliate you will have 3 ways to generate income from. (i) One time set up fee (ii) Monthly Recurring Fee (ii) One time fee from additional services
  1. Sign Up as an Affilatite
  2. Get a Unique URL for yours to promote in your content
  3. Users sign up using your URL on our site. You will be notified
  4. We will onboard the client recommended by you
  5. We offer two different packages:  Modular SEO and Site SEO. Modular SEO is page based. Site based is for the entire site.
  6. For Modular SEO,  customer pay a one time set up fee and a monthly fee.
    1. One time fee per page is  between $850 to $1200. You get 20% of the net payment after any discounts one time
    2. The monthly fee per page per keyword can be a $650 per month and onwards. You get paid upto 6% of the monthly fee based on following scheddule
      1. 0 to 6 months: 6%
      2. 7 to 9 Months: 4%
      3. 9 to 12 Months: 2%
    3. Customer may choose to optimize additional pages. The one time and monthly revenue share will be 50% of the first page.
  7. Site based SEO prices are custom quoted and a higher price point.  Revenue share percentages are same as teh modular SEO
  8. As a part of the engagement, customer may give our more work to design/develop their site.  An additional 5% revenue will be given from this source to you.

You can promote using any medium of your choice including word of mouth.
Some of the channels used by Social Media Marketers are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Digital Maketers and SEO experts may promote us by including the personal RMU referral link in their educational content: Digital Courses, Webinars and Workshops

Freelancers and agencies may recommend us to their clients or whitelabel our services.

Please note that you are required to put an affiliate disclosure on each page containing https://RainMaker.Uno affiliate links. The disclosure must comply with the FTC requirements.

Your payment is either paid electronically via ACH or mailed out using checks out by 10th of every month. The minimum threshold to process the payments $50. Any thirdparty fees associated with the payments are deducted from the payment amount.

Everytime a client signs up or pays you will get an email notification. Additionally once your first client signs up, you will get access to a secure portal where you can track the active and inactive clients, pending and paid revenue share.

You can contact us in multiple ways

  1. Portal Access: Once you get access to your personalized portal, you can submit a ticket to contact us
  2. Additonally you can always send us an email at Affiliates@RainMaker.Uno

What Is the FTC Affiliate Disclosure in Affiliate Marketing?

In 2009 (and in later updates), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) placed guidelines for how affiliates and influencers should promote products and services to reduce consumer deception.
If you are an affiliate marketer and promote the products and services of companies that are based in the USA, the UK or Canada, you need to know what the FTC requirements for affiliate disclosure are and why they are so important.
MILGAV LLC dba RainMaker.Uno is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. Hence, as our affiliate, you are obligated to follow the FTC guidelines when using’s affiliate links.