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With our deep technical competence and page speed optimization strategies we regularly get websites to score above 95/100 on Google page speed insights. Website performance is key to better SEO and UX. We also offer services for conversion rate optimization, helping you generate more revenue from your existing traffic.


SEO Audits & Strategy

If you are a DYI website owner but lack the detailed understanding of SEO – this service is designed for you. Our expert SEOs will do a thorough manual audit of your website and provide you with a detailed strategy on how to optimize your website for better rankings. We not only send you the report but we follow it up with a couple of consulting sessions to ensure you understand and answer all your questions.




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Google Restructures Assistant Division to Prioritize Bard AI

Google Restructures Assistant Division to Prioritize Bard AI

April 3, 2023

CNBC reports that Google recently revamped its Google Assistant division to prioritize Bard AI chat technology, which was introduced to the public as an experimental project. It will impact the future virtual assistant landscape. Recent leadership reshuffling as part of a “code red” effort denotes the integration of Bard into future Google Assistant products. The reorganization involves shifting team members to concentrate on Bard. The organizational changes involved replacing key figures, with Google Assistant’s engineering VP now leading the Bard team’s efforts. Google Assistant, introduced in 2016, is an AI-driven virtual assistant software similar to Siri and Alexa, commonly used for speech recognition across devices. Integrating Bard technology into similar products raises questions about its monetization and use case.

Bard Gets Better Math and Logic Capabilities With PaLM Integration

Bard Gets Better Math and Logic Capabilities With PaLM Integration

April 1, 2023

Bard Chatbot gets a new upgrade from Google by incorporating advancements from the Transformer model PaLM, a 540-billion parameter, a dense decoder which will enhance Bard’s mathematical and logical capabilities. The upgrade will allow Bard to tackle intricate arithmetic operations, improve logical inference, understand the context better, and solve multi-step word and math problems. Integrating PaLM’s abilities will create a more powerful AI chatbot with context-sware problem-solving and improved logical inference. It will handle a comprehensive range of math-related tasks and provide more accurate and contextually appropriate solutions making Bard a helpful tool for solving complex problems and streamlining workflows. Users can expect more advancements soon as Google continues to improve Bard’s efficiency and capabilities.