First Page Google Ranking and Enhanced Organic Traffic Accomplished With Strategic Planning for an Oil and Vinegar Store in the United States

Small things make big differences; we found that out while executing a seemingly simple but mighty important task for a recent client. Getting websites to rank on the first page, getting the right audience to take notice, giving the website a makeover to get picked up in Google crawling, and tracking performance parameters to enhance them might look simple from the outside. But our client and we knew these small steps go a long way.

With meticulous planning, we brought up the website Google ranking from the 31st position on the fourth page to the 5th position on the very first page in about eight weeks. Additionally, the website showed a whopping 145% increase in organic traffic. The average time on the page was enhanced by 18%, and the bounce rate decreased by 7%. There were also marked improvements in lead submissions (first-page impact) and lead quality.

The client was gratified with the results and the fact that we delivered them in such a short period. We learned to work on a new food industry segment – oil and vinegar. Outstanding outcomes for them and a tremendous experience for Rainmaker.UNO!

Rainmaker.UNO deliberately chooses clients who want to stand out from the crowd and leave a remarkable digital footprint. Such was the case with a recent company that sold oil and vinegar products in the United States. Their products were high in quality and unique, which made working with them a fascinating and compelling experience.

But they were unable to rank better in Google’s SERPs. And as you know, if you do not appear on the first page, all your efforts become irrelevant. They approached us with the challenging task of optimizing the website content to feature on the first page of Google.

About the Client

Our client wanted to be unique, just like the products they sold. They produce award-winning, fresh, extra virgin, and infused olive oils. They also made a variety of vinegars and their derivatives, which added a distinctive flavor to meals. A family-owned retailer founded in 2009, they sell across the US to mostly home chefs who believe in quality products. Their website also features exotic recipes which religiously use their products.

Let us now take you through a step-by-step breakdown of our comprehensive service process for the client and how we managed their SEO services.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis for a Fool-Proof Plan

To do well in business, one must first know what the competition is up to, learn their strong points, and where they fail. Find out the gap in our process and fill it in to do better than everyone in the segment. And that is precisely what we did. We intensely researched the market and figured out their competitors. We strategized based on what worked for them and what did not.

Our next step was highlighting the client’s unique selling points to boost their brand awareness and visibility. We finalized the keyword “oil and vinegar store” that best showcased the client’s business niche and would give them visibility to the right searchers.

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The Intricacies of Ranking a Generic Keyword

The following stride was to get the website to rank for the keyword “oil and vinegar store.” The process was not without struggles. The keyword is generic, demanding, and competitive. It also applies to a broad belt of enterprises. Optimizing the site to the keyword was our first hurdle. We then went on to bring up their Google ranking.

The website was in the 31st position, and our challenge was to bring them to the first page. We devised innovative digital marketing strategies that pulled the website ranking from 31st to 5th position in 8 weeks. The client’s page now features on the first page of Google for the keyword “oil and vinegar store.”

Home Page Optimization for Easy Search Engine Crawlability

The home page decides how a user perceives a business. Our next challenge was to create a home page that riveted the audience and pushed them to take actions like getting in touch or buying products. Also, if you sell something online, customers should know where to submit their details to get a callback or where to find ways to connect with you. If not, your business will take a humongous hit.

We kept this factor in mind while renewing the content. We placed the contact forms and CTAs in prominent places for buyers to notice and to streamline their communications with our client. The page also played up the client’s signature products like balsamic vinegar, Olio Nuovo, and exotic recipes with witty hook lines and alluring calls-to-action.

Refurbishing Website Design for Enhanced Domain Authority

We did a detailed analysis of the customer’s website and tweaked the basic architecture to align with our marketing strategies. Though the changes were minor, they played a big part in getting the website to where it is today on SERPs. The changes also improved the trustworthiness and visibility of the website, giving it much-needed authority. We worked on improving the website’s technical aspects to increase its pages’ ranking in search engines.

Genuine Content Generation to Improve Brand Awareness

Our next task was to convert the existing content to align with the digital business model we had created. We spotlighted the products that were unique to the client and brought more attention to their strong suits. Our content team did detailed research to come up with topics pertinent to cooking, home cooking, home chefs, oils, vinegars, harvesting, and recipes.

We generated a new content framework that best defined our client and their future business objectives. The website started ranking better. It helped the website to get picked up on Google searches and garnered organic engagement.

Content Optimization for Intensified Ranking Capacity

We revamped most of the content on the website to highlight the excellent work and quality products our client was marketing. We added required keywords that were specific to the client’s product genre. We deployed SEO strategies to rank the keywords better. We also showcased common FAQs that would answer any query their users might have on related topics. Our intense strategies helped create visibility and increased traffic.

Off-page SEO Strategies for Hiking Organic Traffic and Sales

We also handled the website’s Off-page SEO strategies to create robust brand visibility and DA. The client’s site was based on the Shopify platform, and we had to overcome the restrictions with Shopify SEO. But we tried a novel approach targeting home chefs, cooks, and those interested in general cooking. We also tried local listings. We kept the website relevant with unique and authentic guest content. Our intriguing guest posts brought in quality backlinking. Our efforts have shown a tremendous effect on the website’s performance.

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Performance Tracking

Any digital marketing tactic needs diligent tracking to understand how far the endeavors paid off. We religiously tracked the website’s performance using contemporary tools like Google Rank Checker and Google Analytics. We monitored the website’s critical KPIs like organic traffic, organic visitors, average time spent on pages, lead quality, and bounce rates. We glued our eyes to the performance of content and the outcome of the digital marketing strategies we implemented. The tracking continued for all the months we worked on the project until the website ranked on the first page in Google search and stabilized. We then proceeded to hand the renewed website over to the client’s marketing team.

The End Results

The client was confident in our ability to deliver wholesome results all through the tenure of the project. But even they were stumped when we got their site ranking from 31st place on the fourth page to 5th on the first page in eight weeks! That too for a keyword as generic as “oil and vinegar store.” It was a demanding task they had tried to accomplish many times before and failed.

With astute planning and flawless execution, we also managed an astonishing 145% organic traffic increase. There was an improvement in the average time on page by 18%, and the bounce rate was reduced by 7%. We also progressed in lead submissions (first-page impact) and lead quality.

Rainmaker.UNO had a whole new industry experience to add to our portfolio – an oil and vinegar store. We also learned that smart working always helps get the quickest and long-lasting results. Underpromising and overdelivering, coupled with transparent project execution, made for a thrilled client.