Self-directed IRA Service Provider in the United States Finds Organic Traffic With First Page Google Rankings

Rainmaker.UNO recently worked with an aspiring client from the financial sector. The firm ranked for the keywords “Self-directed IRA” and “Self-directed IRA Services.” The keywords were generic and tough to tank. But with detailed planning, we had their website ranking on the first page of Google from the third page in 9 weeks. Apart from the successful and quick ranking, we also provided a substantial increase in KPIs like organic traffic (53%), organic impressions (65%), and average time on page (16%). We also reduced the bounce rate (16%). There was also a notable improvement in lead submission and lead quality.

In work, it only gets exciting if there is a challenge and the notion that there is something to learn. When clients approach us with their requirements, the first thing we look for is what are the takeaways? What can we do differently that others do not risk doing?

Rainmaker.UNO believes in creating our own space in what we do. We help promising and unique businesses do well digitally. And our new client contested all our expertise. They were ambitious, vibrant, and focused. We could see ourselves learning from them. We could envision a successful undertaking with them.

Now, let us break our journey down for your reference.

About the Client

As mentioned earlier, we like to work with clients from varied industries. We prefer clients that sell unique and authentic products that impact society. And this recent client checked all the boxes.

They were from the financial sector, providing guidance on diverse investment choices to their customers, with a keen focus on Self-Directed IRA or 401k. Their customer bases are scattered across the United States, and they were keen on investing in various alternate assets. The company was helping people grow and diversify their investments. But there was a glitch. Their website was not ranking well in searches related to their services. And that is when they decided to approach Rainmaker.UNO.

Having said that, let us see how we helped them gain traction on their keyword search and helped them with SEO services.

Identifying the Right Keyword With Comprehensive Market Research and Competitor Analysis

As a first step, we went into an elaborate study of other veteran brands in the market that did well with Google ranking in the same segment. We analyzed their strong and weak point to devise a strategy. We also considered the user search intent and aligned our blueprint to match the searches. We eventually finalized the keywords “Self-directed IRA” and “Self-directed IRA Services.” These keywords reflected our client’s realm of work, and they needed to rank well on them to gain more digital visibility.

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Obstacles Faced While Getting the Keyword Ranking Better on Google Search

Finding the right keywords is one thing. Getting the page to rank well for them was another. It was going to take us a lot of work. Ask why? The assignment was taxing, to say the least. The keywords were very generic and broad in context. They tend to appear in related searches, and numerous companies with the exact keywords ranked for them in different contexts. It was a tough, competitive, and difficult chore since the client’s page was on the third page in Google searches. Optimizing the website to the keyword was just the first step. We also had other points to tackle. But we put in every bit of our SEO efforts.

Optimizing the Home Page to Drive Organic Traffic and Boost Sales

A home page is a reflection of the business to the client. It is at the forefront to showcase the client’s USPs to potential customers. And it needs to look alluring. It also requires the visitors to stay put and pushes them to take the next step. All this depended on clever SEO strategies and judiciously placed content. We tweaked the home page’s look and feel to align with the client’s business objectives. We highlighted their product and added riveting product descriptions and interactive content like CTAs and forms. We deployed a multi-step plan that bore fruit in a short time.

Optimization of the Client's Website to Rank Better on SERPs

A good website does not guarantee a good place on Google search pages. It needs to meet parameters that govern Google’s algorithms. We had to make sure that the client’s website was attuned to the needs of search engines and user intent alike. It was no mean feat, and we needed to plan carefully. We divided the task into four different components.

Off-page SEO Strategies to Enhance Visibility

Off-page SEOs contributed 50% of Google’s ranking factors. We first ensured that the website came off as trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative in its field. We created quality backlinks from higher domain sites to build trust. We provided third-party websites with unique guest content that increased exposure and brand awareness. We also promoted the content through well-crafted social media marketing strategies covering all major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Generating Fresh Content to Garner Audience Interest

Content is King in today’s digital marketing world. Search engines like Google have adopted a content-first approach to ranking. We had to generate content that showcased the products that the company dealt with along with their unique perceived benefits for the customers. Our content team highlighted their strong points to gain immediate attention on searches.

Optimize Website Content to Improve Organic Ranking

We optimized the existing content to reflect the client’s business objective clearly and concisely. We integrated keywords that line up with the product for extended search, employed effective SEO strategies, and added a descriptive FAQ section to answer any relevant queries.

Improved Technical SEO Aspects Responsive to SERPs

The technical aspects of the client’s website were ripe for an overhaul. We used the opportunity to improve the technical aspects of the website to increase the ranking of its pages in all major search engines. We confirmed the website met the technical requirements with improved architecture, indexing, crawling, and rendering

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Meticulous Performance Tracking

Our job does not end with merely executing a project. It involves diligent tracking and analysis to see how our tactics worked. We used reliable tools like Google Rank Checker and Google Analytics to monitor the performance. The page ranking shifted from the third to the first page in just nine weeks. We also noticed a substantial improvement in other KPIs. There was a 53% increase in organic traffic and a 65% increase in organic impressions. We increased the average time on page by 16%, and the bounce rate reduced by 6%. We also noted a rise in lead submissions and quality. And we delivered these numbers quicker than we promised the client.

The End Results

The client was euphoric at the incredible results. They had great expectations from us, but we managed to surpass all of them. They were finally on the first page of Google for the keywords “Self-directed IRA” and “Self-directed IRA Services”—a task they had failed to accomplish earlier.

For us, this project was an addition to our learning curve – a new industry, a new client, and a new market! It showed us how strategic planning and punctilious execution could yield better-than-expected results. We also maintained transparency with the client throughout the project and took heed of their requirements, guidelines, and pointers. It helped us keep the customer happy while generating quick results.