From 19th to 5th Google Ranking, in 6 weeks

A Garden Accessories Manufacturer Improved its Google Rank by RAINMAKER.UNO’s SEO Tactics and Content Optimization

The Client

This client is into Garden equipment and had a specific Weeder and Cultivator Tool, which was a proprietary machine, developed keeping organic farmers in mind. They designed and started marketing it in the early 2000s. They became a popular store for small-time, indigenous farmers, especially those working in organic gardening.

The Challenge

Once the company launched its online store, they weren’t getting enough traffic and sales. The client was ranking way low for their keyword “cultivator garden tool,” at the 19th position. We found out that they were showing at the bottom tiers of the second page in Google search results which no one would generally look for. They had low page views, impressions, and click rates. Exacerbating the situation, the target keyword was hugely common(high volume) and tended to throw up hundreds of thousands of results at a single click. It was hard to pinpoint the right word for the client’s business.

The Solution

We employed our unique ePPO strategies coupled with complete content and SEO audit of the website. We were able to improve the rank from the 19th position on the second page to the fifth position on the first page for the keyword ‘cultivator garden tool’ within just six weeks. The organic impressions increased by 74%, organic clicks by 63%, and organic traffic by 49%. Our unique website optimization technique developed with ePPO, SEO enhancement, and augmenting content has helped the client get higher visibility to its target audience.

The Results

Google Analytics showed a 49% increase in organic traffic on the site. Results also showed that organic clicks had gone up by 63% and organic impressions by 74%, positively impacting the client’s webpage. The client’s website rank went from the 19th position on the second page to the 5th position on the first page within six weeks.