Vegan Food Company in the United States Finds More Traffic With First Page Google Rankings

A novel company manufacturing vegan meats and treats was struggling to get any visibility in Google search. As there has been a growing demand for vegan food, and the client’s primary sales channel was online, getting search visibility was critical to the success of their business. With our ePPO program (eCommerce Product Page Optimization) and our proven SEO methodology we delivered quick success in under eight weeks.

The website moved to 3rd position on Google first page from 15th position on Google’s second page, delivering a 32% traffic growth. The website has since maintained the ranking and seen a marginal increment in traffic month on month.

About the Client

Fake Meats is a new-age establishment delivering unique, sophisticated, healthy vegetarian or vegan meats and treats. They were pretty versatile with their product range and were the forerunners selling vegan jerky and meat substitutes. They started with vegetarian jerky products and grew into a one-stop shop for fake meat products. They endeavor to present the most extensive collection of fake meats on the internet for their clients. Their customer service was also par excellence.


Despite putting in their best efforts and their products being exclusive, ethical, and healthy, they struggled to find organic traffic. The efforts put in by two entrepreneurs who wanted to provide the finest products to their clients and build a successful online business was facing an existential challenge.

The fake meats market is a comparatively smaller niche in the US eCommerce but had some really strong competitors – along with niche players the market was also crowded by big box retailers like Walmart and getting noticed was already an impediment. Organic impressions, click-through rates (CTR), and organic traffic were insignificant and did not result in any measurable sales.

The Solution

While our client had a number of vegan products, we zeroed in one of the most popular products in the category – vegan jerky. With thorough keyword research, we identified the primary target keyword as ‘primal vegan jerky’, which had significant search volume and a popular brand term that had significant demand in the market.
We followed this with a detailed audit of the existing top-ranking result pages for the target keywords.

We worked on the client’s home page and started with our eCommerce Product Page Optimization program for the vegan jerky page. We did a thorough analysis of the existing content and reworked the entire content on the page. Content improvement was done keeping in mind not just SEO but also ensuring the content is persuasive for driving sales. We also ensured the technical optimization of the website is top-notch. Specific attention was paid to ensure that the page experience is also improved.


Our Google Analytics and Google Search Console tracking showed an overall 88% increase in organic impressions. Organic clicks increased by 57%. There was a substantial increase in organic traffic at 32%. The numbers have subsequently been stable and shown marginal hikes.

The Results

We saw a steady improvement in search ranking for the page once we started working. It moved from the second page to the first page and eventually settled at 3rd position on Google first page for the keyword ‘primal vegan jerky’. This movement from Google’s second page to 3rd position on the first page happened in less than eight weeks.

We look at Google Search Console and Google Analytics for the relevant KPIs.

This improvement in ranking resulted in 88% increase in organic search impressions, which was valuable for our client due to the novelty of the business. The organic CTR also increased by 57% and organic traffic to the vegan jerky page increased by 32% resulting in increased sales.
The results have been stable since then and as the market is growing, the page continues to receive more traffic and sales.