From 27th Google Rank to 1st Rank in 14 Weeks!

See how RAINMAKER.UNO helped a Cookie Maker Achieve Rank 1 with continuous MoM increase in Online Sales through strategic SEO

The Client

The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company is a reputed cookie seller in the United States. The brand offers the sweetest, scrumptious, and flavorful cookies – from chocolate chip cookies to Ruby chocolate cherry cookies, with its wide range of crispy, crunchy, and yummy cookies Famous Cookie has a loyal customer following.

Besides the five offline stores online is a critical channel for Famous Cookies, driving significant sales through eCommerce. Famous Cookies wanted to improve SEO visibility for their Chocolate Chip Cookies, one of the most popular products in the category.

The Challenge

The brand received minimal organic traffic to a product page on its eCommerce website. Furthermore, the average session time on this page was also quite low. The SEO ranking, search impressions, and click-through rate were also very low. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie and related keywords have very high competition both from direct competitors as well as several recipe websites. Famous Cookie was not even visible for those target keywords on Google first page. This meant a significant loss of potential sales for one of their fastest moving products – the chocolate chip cookie.

The Solution

As part of our eCommerce Product Page Optimization Program, the SEO effort was concentrated on a specific product page for this project.

We started with keyword research to zero in on the specific Chocolate chip cookie keywords that we wanted to optimize the product page for. We selected ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies Online’ as the primary keyword as it showed high buying intent with significant traffic volume. This was followed by a detailed audit of the competitor pages for our primary keyword.

Based on the above insights, our content and SEO team suggested several changes to the product page. The content team leveraged our Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and worked on creating some high-performing new content. There were several SEO hygiene issues as well as technical SEO components that were also fixed by our SEO team.

The overall objective was to not just optimize the content for SEO but also to improve the overall content quality that will appeal to the users and lead to better engagement and sales.

The Results

The eCommerce Product Page Optimization program was highly successful for Famous Cookies. Their Chocolate chip cookie page moved to 1st position on Google’s first page from position 27 on the 3rd page in less than 3.5 months.

The first improvement in ranking was noticed within 2 weeks of making the changes when the page moved to the second page – 16th position.

As we continued to work on the project, we saw consistent improvement in ranking and consequently, in terms of traffic and eCommerce sales. By the time we concluded the project, the page saw a 90% increase in organic pageviews.

The page has since retained its first page ranking and continues to deliver strong performance in terms of traffic and sales for The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company.