Google Masterminds Bard AI Based on LaMDA to Beat ChatGPT

Google’s Masterminds Bard AI Based on LaMDA to Beat ChatGPT

Google launches Bard, a competitor for Open AI’s popular chatbot ChatGPT. The tech giant is releasing the path-defining, experimental conversational AI service based on LaMDA. Google started developing effective next-gen language and conversation capabilities based on LaMDA ( Language Model for Dialogue Applications) two years ago. Bard is currently available only to testers, and the tech world will see a rollout in the coming weeks based on expert feedback. The software anchors on the power, creativity, and intelligence of Large Language Models to provide quality responses to specific user queries. Once the public started to lean more on Google for specific-response questions that need technology and human knowledge, it became imperative to create a software, Bard, that can deliver in-depth responses on any subject.