Google Ranks Pages Despite Spammy Backlinks

SEO experts are aware that backlinks play a crucial role in boosting the SEO rank of a page or a website. According to best SEO practices, these backlinks should be authentic, organic, and relevant. In a recent conversation with Google’s Search Advocate, John Muller, the SEO community received valuable insights into the process of backlinking. Professionals and SEO experts were confused about why websites with spammy or paid backlinks have a higher SEO rank. Muller explains that the search engine knows that some websites don’t follow correct SEO practices, but they do other things correctly. So as long as the excellent SEO will outweigh the lousy SEO, Google will not remove such websites from the ranking. It isn’t easy to fulfill all the 200 and more ranking factors set by Google. Thus, it’s okay if you are short on one or two criteria.