Top 12 SEO Trends to Follow in 2022

Who doesn’t want to be friends with the algorithm?​

The biggest influencers of Google’s search ranking factors are websites like yours – businesses. No one can know it all, but when it comes to online marketing, there are a lot of tools that can improve, help, and provide aid – to increase effective ranking on search engines like Google. To get more people to notice your business online, you need an expert helping hand – SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It only makes sense to follow top SEO trends if your goal is to rank for organic keywords and improve traffic. You need a plan that works with prominent trends – not against them. Learn how to leverage new opportunities and third-party SEO tools by topping SEO trends. Be a good friend to the algorithm and try some of these opportunities. It’ll help you win at SEO and understand what your competitors are doing.

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What is SEO?

If you have not been living under a rock, you would know by now that SEO is the king of social media marketing. It started in 2011. Then it snowballed in 2012 and 2013. It is the method used to drive website traffic from organic search results on Google. The process helps to get your website to rank better on Google.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO follows a regimen of steps from identifying the right keywords to building links to optimizing search intent. As technology advanced, eCommerce merchants became obsessively competitive through link building and social media, ranking even the most competitive keywords. And somehow, despite Google’s updates, they kept ranking more and more!

What is the Significance of SEO in Google Ranking?

With the Google algorithms changing 500 to 600 times yearly, making it between once or twice daily, SEO helps people find the information they want on the internet. You need to sharpen your SEO tools to stay on top of the game and boost your online visibility. To rank on the first page, you must take stock of multiple metrics – backlinking, post sharing, site traffic, click-through rate (CTR), etc. So, what’s new in the world of SEO?
Watch out for the latest trends you can use to enhance your eCommerce business
In this blog, we will break down the most important SEO trends to follow this year and which channels you should use to follow them. Getting a bird’s eye view of the trends to watch out for will help you prepare a solid strategy well in advance.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has become the core of social marketing. RankBrain is pivotal in determining Google’s ranking factors for SERPs (search engine results pages). Now, we do not know how to tailor your SEO for this. User experience is the key, as per experts. Quality content and on-page SEO can help increase the CTR and Dwell Time.
There are not many households in America that do not use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant for voice commands. Take note of how to employ long descriptive keywords people use in conversations to get picked up during voice searches.

3. Mobile-friendliness

With smartphones becoming a part of our lives, most websites concentrate on creating responsive designs. With 73% population expected to use only mobiles for internet search by 2025, ensure lazy loading, meta robot tags, etc., to rank better.

4. Google EAT Principle

Google EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) determines the quality of the content on your website. Try creating content that caters to your audience’s niche, buying trends, and preferred format. Linking your content to reliable sites also helps.

5. Long-form Content

Long-form content contains more matter and hence has more backlinks. It will, in turn, yield more page visits and content sharing. Optimize your content with relevant tools so that they maintain quality and have enough scannable subheadings and links to reliable sources.
A snippet is the small box of information that pops up above the SERPs during searches. They are an easy gateway to gain access to Google ranking. Create different types of snippets to stay relevant in Google searches.
Discover is Google’s yet another AI tool that helps understand the best content that users favor. The norm is that if Google indexes your page, you will feature on Discover. Maintain content quality that interests your users; the rest will fall in place.

8. Structured Video Data

With Instagram and YouTube gaining immense popularity, you must be aware that users, especially Gen Z, prefer video to text content. Optimize video content, channel name, and description with the most used keywords to get noticed better. Structure your video content with Clip or Seek markup to gain better Google results.

9. Image SEO

Nobody wants to read too much text while making a purchase. A fast-loading image of the product works just fine. That is where image optimization plays a part. The file name, alt tags, photo labels, pictures on the site map, etc., should vibe with your business.
Semantically Related Keywords, i.e., logically related primary and secondary SEO, would be the next big thing. Secondary keywords have become just as important as primary. Google searches are now based on the user search intent in correlation with the content.

11. Local SEO

If you have a business spread across multiple locations or have a localized business, having generic content might not help. You should tweak your content to gain the local audience’s attention using local SEO techniques. Backlinking, My Business page, and localized content might help with this.

12. Data and Analytics

Google Analytics is a boon to those who want to track where they stand vis-à-vis the site metrics. Data science gives you an insight into buyer patterns. Use them wisely to get found fast by Google.
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In Summation

SEO is getting more complex with the passing years, and you need an in-depth strategy to keep up with the competition. Don’t miss the new set of keyword trends for 2022 we have compiled. We want to help you make sense of SEO marketing trends.

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