20 Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress (Updated 2023)

Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress
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We all know that SEO allows websites to boost organic traffic and increase engagement. The only problem is that anyone with an online website knows this, and they are all prepared for it. On top of this, WordPress offers several SEO capabilities that everyone uses to enhance their SEO efforts.

To ensure a fighting chance, you need exceptional SEO capabilities to capture user attention. The best way to accomplish this is to use WordPress SEO plugins that enhance your SEO capabilities. This article discusses some of the best and free SEO plugins that you can use to improve your WordPress site’s SEO efforts.

Build a custom WordPress SEO plugin for your website

Role of SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

SEO plugins for WordPress can help you implement unique and custom features on your website. Plugins are tools that help boost the performance and capabilities of your website. It is similar to how you fit your car with a new sound system or add a new home accessory to your smart home.

Role of SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

WordPress SEO plugins allow you to customize your website pages with advanced functionalities to optimize your SEO efforts. For instance, SEO plugins are vital in ensuring efficient SEO analysis for your website. WordPress does not have any native tools that can help with SEO analysis.

Similarly, several SEO plugins are available that help you streamline your SEO efforts and make them as effortless as possible. The SEO plugins make it easier to implement, measure, and modify your SEO efforts. However, it may require you to integrate multiple WordPress plugins because each plugin serves a specific task for your website.

Does WordPress Really Need SEO Plugins?

According to WordPress, it does not need any additional SEO plugins. Technically, WordPress is not wrong to make this claim. It provides you access to several built-in tools and functionalities to implement adequate SEO efforts. WordPress’s platform (including WooCommerce) can optimize your website pages and content for search engines, including Google.

However, the reality is that most business organizations are using multiple SEO plugins to improve their chances of appearing on the first result page. WordPress has limited capabilities in specific scenarios, such as SEO analysis and keyword optimization. You can be sure that most of your competitors already use multiple SEO plugins to maximize their SEO results.

WordPress SEO Plugins for Boosting Website Traffic

Hence, depending on the out-of-the-box capabilities of WordPress for your SEO can put you at a disadvantage. You can use SEO plugins to make up for the shortcomings in your SEO efforts and optimize them for better results. Of course, merely having the most advanced tools can’t do much help if you don’t have an equally good SEO strategy.

On the other hand, WordPress SEO plugins can help you identify problems with your existing SEO strategy and optimize the same. It also makes SEO efforts much more manageable and effortless to implement. Even though your WordPress site can work without any SEO plugins, it is always best to equip your website with the relevant plugins.

20 Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress (Updated 2023)

One of the most significant advantages of SEO in WordPress is that numerous free SEO plugins are available for your business. Even though many premium SEO plugins are available, most also offer a free version.

You can easily use the free version to check whether it meets your requirements and opt for a premium one if necessary. Here is a list of the 20 best free SEO plugins for WordPress that can help you optimize your SEO efforts in 2023.

20 Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is, without question, one of the most popular choices among the free SEO plugins available for WordPress websites. It offers several excellent features to help you optimize your SEO efforts. And the best part is that most of these features are available out of the box.

With Yoast SEO, you can meet almost all your basic SEO requirements for creating search engine-friendly and easy-to-read content. It allows you to add meta boxes to your website pages and posts.

As a result, you are able to target specific keywords, canonical URLs, meta descriptions, and more. More importantly, it has an advanced readability analytic capability that helps you optimize your content and offers practical suggestions to improve your copy.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Yoast SEO

2. XML Sitemaps

If your primary concern with WordPress SEO involves search engines indexing your website, Google XML sitemaps could be your ideal choice. The WordPress SEO plugin allows you to develop a sitemap for your site.

It allows crawlers to access and assess your website easily. You can even save your settings and apply them to the new content you wish to publish. Besides that, you also get more control over your built-in XML sitemap feature on WordPress.

The only downside of Google XML sitemaps as a WordPress SEO plugin is that it needs to be a holistic SEO tool. In other words, it specifically focuses on providing you with a complete XML sitemap for your website.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Google XML Sitemaps

3. All in One SEO

Another popular WordPress SEO plugin you can consider for your website is the All in One SEO pack. WordPress site owners often use the All in One SEO as an effective alternative to Yoast SEO. It is an ideal tool for beginners as it becomes active immediately after installation.

The WordPress SEO plugin can automatically generate meta tags for your website. Besides that, it can also optimize titles for all major search engines, including Google. And if you prefer to override the automatic features, you can easily do that too.

Implement advanced automation capabilities for your WordPress site with a custom plugin
WordPress site owners can use the Robots.txt editor to ensure more efficient search engine crawling for their content. You can access several other features using the All in One SEO pack, making it a perfect fit for new WordPress site owners.

Top Features and Benefits of Using All in One SEO

4. SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO

The SEO Plugin by Squirelly SEO is another perfect solution for beginners. It offers a real-time recommendation feature that can be a game changer for new WordPress site owners and save much of their time. You can use the SEO plugin to ensure you use the relevant (pre-selected) keywords appropriately throughout your content.

You can also use the WordPress SEO plugin to get a complete competitor analysis and even provides you with suggestions based on this analysis. Furthermore, you can access attractive features like measuring audience engagement and recommendations on improving your CTRs or click-through rates.

Top Features and Benefits of Using SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO

5. Rank Math SEO

If you are looking for a WordPress SEO plugin rich with features, Rank Math SEO could be an ideal choice. Some aspects that make Rank Math SEO a worthy contender are its advanced setup wizard and intuitive automation features. These features make the SEO plugin perfect for beginners to optimize their content.

It is worth noting that this SEO plugin integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console and keyword ranking tools. You can quickly resolve 404 errors in your WordPress site with the built-in monitor for 404 errors. That’s not all. You can implement features on your website using the plugin’s modular system and avoid unnecessary features from overloading it.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Rank Math SEO

WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools That You Should Use

6. SEOPress

This WordPress SEO plugin is a perfect choice if you want a white-labeled plugin and hate seeing ads. SEOPress comes with full optimization capability for your WordPress website. It even allows you to build a custom XML sitemap.

Besides that, you can use the WordPress SEO plugin to manage redirections and analyze content using specific keywords. You can track your SEO efforts effortlessly as the SEO plugin integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and even provides valuable optimization tips.

Top Features and Benefits of Using SEOPress

7. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

You can ensure better visibility for your WordPress content and make it more engaging with Semrush SEO Writing Assistant. It offers an intelligent editor tool offering real-time recommendations to improve your content.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant utilizes the best-performing content to provide real-time recommendations. As a result, the WordPress SEO plugin ensures your SEO content makes the best impact on the reader and search engines.

Pro Tip: Manually check your content created with the help of automated tools to ensure it maintains the human touch as Google prefer human-made content.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

8. The SEO Framework

Your search for a fast and lightweight WordPress SEO plugin ends with The SEO Framework plugin. It is one of the few WordPress plugins free from ads and upsells. The SEO plugin primarily focuses on ensuring high site speed without worrying about the nuances of Search Engine Optimization.

It provides greater flexibility for targeting keywords, including keyword synonyms and slightly off keywords. Another attractive aspect of the WordPress SEO plugin is that it uses visual elements, including a colored scale, to manage and optimize your SEO efforts.

Boost your website traffic and engagement with powerful SEO plugins

Top Features and Benefits of Using the SEO Framework Plugin

One of the essential aspects of ensuring quality SEO for your WordPress website is providing all your links work correctly. Broken Link Checker is a WordPress SEO plugin that can help you ensure all your internal and external links work seamlessly. The presence of broken links on your website could negatively impact your SERP rankings, and you must avoid it from happening.

Manually identifying and fixing broken links can take hours or days of tireless work. Broken Link Checker makes this process much more efficient and fast. It only takes the WordPress SEO plugin minutes to do this. It scans your website and provides you with a list of broken links. You can then easily remove or rectify the problem with the links.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Broken Link Checker

10. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

If your website uses many affiliate links, you must use the Rel Nofollow Checkbox WordPress SEO plugin. Using countless affiliate links leading to spammy websites can significantly impact your SEO rankings, and this plugin can save you from making such mistakes.

The WordPress SEO plugin can automatically add “rel nofollow” attributes to your website’s external links. By doing so, the plugin ensures that your ranking does not drop due to spammy affiliate links.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Top Features and Benefits of Using WordPress SEO Plugins

11. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

The All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin offers stunning visual elements for your WordPress website. These graphic elements can include images, star rankings, and other details that quickly grab user attention.

You can typically see rich snippets used in eCommerce product pages and blog posts reviewing an item. However, you may need the help of an expert like Rainmaker.UNO to help you implement advanced SEO capabilities for your eCommerce store.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Schema

12. WordLift

Another popular third-party WordPress SEO plugin you can consider for your website is WordLift. It uses advanced AI to give more control over SEO to content editors and marketers. The SEO plugin is also ideal for automating structured data markup while helping you organize the website’s content. As a result, you get access to several nifty SERP features on Google.

You can use this third-party WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your pages or articles and make them mobile-friendly. By doing so, the plugin ensures that your website is ready for search crawlers, digital assistants (Siri, Alexa, etc.), and chatbots.

Top Features and Benefits of Using WordLift

13. Redirection

You need effective 301 redirects to complete your SEO efforts, and Redirection is the best WordPress SEO plugin for this job. It allows WordPress site owners to implement effective 301 redirects on their websites using a URL manager.

Although you can do the same operation manually, it can be a time-demanding task. Furthermore, manually doing the same requires modifying the .htaccess file and adding entries for every redirection. With the WordPress SEO plugin, you can accomplish this task in minutes.

You can also use the plugin to set up redirects based on specific conditions. Conditional redirects are a quick and efficient way to redirect using the user’s login status, IP address, browser type, and so on.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Redirection

14. Slim SEO

The best thing about the Slim SEO plugin is that it has several automation features that make life easier for WordPress site owners. The WordPress SEO plugin allows you to generate meta tags and sitemaps to ensure proper redirects for your website.

You can add schema markup and set up Open graph meta tags using the Slim SEO plugin. Another benefit of using this WordPress SEO plugin is that it lets you control how your content appears on social media.

Besides that, you can use the WordPress SEO plugin to add custom code to the header and footer. Although the plugin lacks an on-page analysis functionality, it can integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics and other tracking solutions.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Slim SEO

The Internal Link Juicer is a WordPress SEO plugin that lets you set specific anchor words for all your posts individually. It can even automatically add internal links to your post, which can speed up the publishing process.

The plugin even allows you to configure the number of links you want to add for each post or even block specific content. Besides that, you can access statistical data on the interlinks, but it is best to go through them manually one last time.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Internal Link Juicer

Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Boost Your SEO Game

16. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

This WordPress SEO plugin is perfect for effectively adding schema markup to your content. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is an SEO plugin that can assign relevant schema after automatically detecting the type of content.

The WordPress SEO plugin also offers the flexibility to choose from numerous schema types. You can select schema types, including blogs, recipes, news articles, etc. Besides that, you can exclude specific content types, and import schema markups, ensuring a seamless transition.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

17. Platinum SEO

With Platinum SEO, you get a free WordPress SEO plugin which is lightweight and help you optimize your SEO efforts without overloading your site. It comes with all the basic functionalities needed from a WordPress plugin and can help you improve your SEO score.

The WordPress SEO plugin is excellent for adding canonical URLs or Open Graph metadata to your social media profiles and posts. Besides that, you can use the plugin to add page titles for search engines.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Platinum SEO

18. Premium SEO Pack

The Premium SEO Pack is another lightweight WordPress plugin you can consider for your website. With Premium SEO Pack, you can add meta descriptions, keywords, tags, and even the meta for Open Graph.

One of the noteworthy features of the WordPress plugin is that it can work seamlessly with WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins in WordPress. Furthermore, you can customize pages directly using the admin bar.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Premium SEO Pack

If you need a highly-customizable WordPress SEO plugin rich in features, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) could be the answer you need. The plugin is ideal for displaying related posts, pages, etc., relevant to the current entry.

However, you can decide which types, classes, and tags to use, avoid, or prioritize for specific parameters. Apart from that, the WordPress SEO plugin can also help you minimize the bounce rate on your site by showing relevant content to the user

Top Features and Benefits of Using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

20. MonsterInsights

Another popular WordPress SEO plugin for tracking website performance and user behavior is MonsterInsights. It allows you to track various aspects of your WordPress site, including your site’s popular content and top keywords.

Compared to leading analytics tools like Google Analytics, MonsterInsights is relatively easy to use. The WordPress SEO plugin can even help you analyze user behavior. You can use the data from the plugin to optimize your website for better conversion.

Top Features and Benefits of Using MonsterInsights

How to Choose an SEO Plugin for Your WordPress Website?

Choosing an SEO plugin for your WordPress site can be confusing, especially with so many options. There is no quick answer to which SEO plugin you should choose for your WordPress site because each site and its requirements are unique. Moreover, randomly selecting a plugin may overload your website and affect its performance.
Tips to Choose an SEO Plugin for Your WordPress Website
To choose the best SEO plugin, you should analyze your WordPress website and its SEO goals holistically. Not everyone may have the expertise for this. The good news is that an SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO can make this process easy for you. Our experts can analyze your website and its SEO requirements to determine the best SEO plugins.
Talk to our SEO experts to find the best WordPress SEO plugins for your website

Wrapping Up - Using WordPress SEO Plugin for Your Website

WordPress SEO plugins provide an excellent way to boost your SEO efforts. However, integrating plugins into your WordPress site comes with risks. You must ensure that the plugins work well with each other and the existing system.
Using WordPress SEO Plugin for Your Website

Moreover, you must ensure that the WordPress SEO plugins you choose can get you the desired results—the experts at Rainmaker.UNO can help you with all of this. Our years of expertise in SEO enable us to assess and determine the best SEO plugins for your website.

Rainmaker.UNO can ensure that the SEO plugins you choose integrate seamlessly with your existing WordPress system. We can customize the plugins and create one from scratch to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes and no. Although your WordPress site does not need an SEO plugin, you may need it for practical purposes. Every website fights for user attention and uses SEO plugins and tools to attract them. Therefore, to boost traffic and engagement for your website, you need to use the necessary WordPress SEO plugins.
Many WordPress SEO plugins are ready to use once you plug them in. In most cases, you can use the software plugin any way you want after the initial setup. However, the initial setup and integration can sometimes be a complex task—the experts at Rainmaker.UNO can help you with integrating it into your WordPress site.
Yes, as WordPress is an open-source platform, you do have the option to customize most plugins. Some plugins even come with specific customization options right out of the box. An SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO can customize an existing WordPress SEO plugin or create a new one from scratch to meet your unique SEO requirements.
Integrating too many WordPress SEO plugins or using the wrong ones may impact your website’s performance. The key is ensuring that your SEO plugins can work seamlessly with your existing integrations and WordPress system. Rainmaker.UNO can help you with this and ensure the seamless working of your WordPress SEO plugins.
The support for WordPress SEO plugins depends on which plugins you choose. For example, leading WordPress plugins like Yoast offer support to their subscribers. Most WordPress SEO plugins provide essential support to their customers. With premium plugins, you can get prioritized and even 24/7 support from the plugin provider.
Many WordPress SEO plugins work as seamlessly on WooCommerce as on WordPress. However, some plugins come with exceptional eCommerce capabilities to provide better features and functionalities. You can also equip such features by customizing the plugin with the help of an expert like Rainmaker.UNO.
Yes, several WordPress SEO plugins facilitate advanced schema markup options. However, you should make sure that the SEO plugin you choose can work in alignment with your other plugins and existing WordPress systems. It is vital to have the opinion of an expert like Rainmaker.UNO to ensure that the plugin provides compelling schema markup.
Yes, you can fix broken links in your website using the relevant WordPress SEO plugin. There are dedicated SEO plugins built explicitly for identifying broken links and reporting the same to you. You can even find this capability on a holistic SEO plugin that offers broken link identification as one of its services.
Several WordPress SEO plugins allow you to redirect users to a new page. Above, we discussed some of the few WordPress SEO plugins you can use to implement redirections in your WordPress site. Rainmaker experts.UNO can even implement advanced automation capability or conditional redirects on your website.
You can use a WordPress SEO plugin to ensure you use relevant keywords for your content. Many options in the WordPress marketplace can help you with this; we even discussed some of them above. The advanced SEO plugins can even let you assign an anchor word and suggest when to use it in real-time.
With the help of a WordPress SEO plugin, you can implement ‘Noindex’ and ‘Nofollow’ capabilities for your internal pages. You can use the plugin to effectively tell the search engines not to include a specific page(s) in search results. Similarly, the plugin can indicate to the search engine not to follow certain links on your website and internal pages.
An XML sitemap is an excellent way to ensure that your website’s essential pages are easy to find for Google. Moreover, it helps the search engine understand the website structure and lets crawlers reach everywhere. You can use a WordPress SEO plugin for the XML sitemap and ensure your website is easily discoverable for search engines.
No single WordPress SEO plugin can work equally well for all websites. Popular SEO plugins like Yoast provide websites with a holistic SEO solution, but it may only work for some. Different websites may have additional requirements and priorities; sometimes, they may need custom capabilities, and you may need a customized plugin.
Yes. You can automatically generate meta descriptions and titles with a suitable WordPress SEO plugin. However, you must ensure that the plugin you choose does not interfere with your other plugins and existing systems. Our experts can ensure that the plugin integrates seamlessly with your website and provide accurate meta description and title generation.
An SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO can help you ensure seamless integration of the WordPress plugin. We can ensure that you get access to the plugin’s full features and capabilities without compromising your WordPress website’s integrity. Moreover, we can customize the plugin to meet your unique requirements and needs.