Essential SEO Strategies for Financial Services in 2023

Essential SEO Strategies for Financial Services in 2023

The world of financial services is complex, and only a handful of people know how to navigate it. Moreover, people are very cautious before seeking financial assistance from a company. All of these factors make financial marketing more challenging than most businesses.

Luckily there is one strategy that continuously delivers the desired marketing results, even for financial companies – SEO services. Financial SEO is one of the best ways to generate more leads and conversions for your business.

Learn how to generate more leads for your financial business using SEO
Nonetheless, financial SEO is unique from other SEOs, and you must understand this difference to succeed with your marketing strategies. This article discusses everything you need to know about financial SEO and how you can effectively implement it for your business.
Factors of Digital Presence for Financial Service Companies

What Does SEO Stand for in Finance?

Every modern financial company has an online presence, and SEO means the same for every business organization with an online presence. SEO means Search Engine Optimization for any financial organization with an online presence. As the name suggests, SEO involves optimizing your website and its content so that search engines like Google can quickly find your business online.

Financial service marketing uses many marketing strategies, and SEO is integral to their marketing efforts. Google holds an outstanding 92% market share among global search engines. Hence, most companies base their SEO efforts around the best SEO practices for Google’s search engine.

Financial organizations must also use Google’s best SEO practices to ensure their company turns up when their target audience searches a relevant Google search. The SEO best practices also help to show Google that your website is trustworthy and reliable for Google’s users. SEO involves targeting keywords and phrases your target audience searches for in Google.

You must then create quality and helpful content around the keywords or phrases. Ideally, your website should pop up on the top of Google results when the target audience searches for these keywords or phrases. In reality, numerous companies are fighting for this first spot on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and only a handful can even make it to the first result page.

Why is SEO Different for Financial Websites?

The basic premise of SEO remains the same for most businesses. However, SEO for financial websites is different from your average SEO. There are several unique challenges in SEO for financial websites, and we discuss them below.
Effective Ways to Build Your Online Presence for Your Financial Service Company

Ever-growing Competitiveness

One of the most significant challenges in implementing effective SEO for financial websites is the ever-growing competitiveness. Financial SEO is still growing, but it is only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream.

Every day, more and more small businesses and SaaS providers are entering the financial market. Gaining organic visibility is already becoming a challenge for financial services. Therefore, the sooner you optimize your financial website for SEO, the better its effect on your business.

Prioritizing Lead Generation

SEO is one of the most effective methods B2B businesses use to generate high-quality leads. Considering that financial organizations depend significantly on B2B transactions, it is no wonder more and more financial services are turning towards SEO to generate quality leads. It means that financial companies must work hard to grab the attention of prospective customers.

Complex Topics

Financial topics are often complex. The only thing more difficult than understanding a complex economic issue is explaining it so that the other party can understand it. Moreover, people don’t trust just anyone with their financial advice.

You must earn the audience’s trust before conveniently presenting a subject to your financial audience. In other words, you must have a holistic understanding of the subject matter to ensure the desired SEO results for your business. You must be able to explain complex concepts so the average joe can understand them.

Uncompromisable Content Quality

Industries like finance and healthcare must maintain the superior quality of their content. Any wrong information you convey to the audience can have a real-life impact and potentially ruin your company’s reputation.

You may be familiar with YMYL or Your Money or Your Life, and financial content comes under this category. The SEO content on your financial website could affect individuals’ safety, happiness, and financial safety.

Moreover, Google has a separate, higher-quality standard for YMYL pages. Only the best quality content ranks high in Google results regarding YMYL pages.

Improve your SEO ranking and boost organic traffic with advanced financial SEO

Benefits of Improving SEO for Financial Services

There are numerous benefits to improving the SEO for financial services, and it is impossible to list every single one. However, here is a list of the most significant benefits of improving SEO for your financial service business.
Benefits of Improving SEO for Financial Services

Boost Visibility on Search Results

The most significant advantage of improving SEO for a financial business is boosting its visibility. Currently, Google first displays its paid results. The local listings come immediately after Google ads, often referred to as a “three-pack” because they come in groups of three, followed by the organic results.

Ideally, your business should appear on this local listing. It significantly increases the chance of your target audience noticing your business. A quality SEO is a must for accomplishing this. Not to mention, it also helps get the number one spot on organic results too.

Boost Online and Offline Traffic

Effective implementation of financial SEO can boost online and offline business traffic. The data from Forbes suggest 70% of mobile searches result in a desired action within an hour. But you must ensure that you provide every essential information to the user, such as the contact details, website URL, address, hours of operation, etc.

Provide the necessary details to avoid your prospective audience turning away from your brand. Financial SEO allows you to use local SEO to ensure your audience can always find relevant information about your business. It also lets customers effortlessly get in touch with your financial business.

Pro Tip: Include more information on the knowledge panel, which can enhance brand trust. (Knowledge panel is the card visible on the right side of the results page)

Boost Trust and Customer Loyalty Via Brand Experience

As you know, customers can manage most of their financial operations using smartphones now. The brand experience of a financial company is now mainly through digital interaction. Hence, you must provide a seamless brand experience in the digital platform.

It means optimizing every touchpoint so the customer can always find the information they are looking for with the help of local SEO. By doing so, you can provide the customers with a consistent experience online and offline and optimize every aspect of the customer’s journey.

Top SEO Strategies for Financial Services

Executing a successful SEO strategy for your financial service business can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately for you, we put together a list of SEO strategies below that can work perfectly for your financial business. Now, let’s get straight to it.
Top SEO Strategies for Financial Services

Evaluate Your Current SEO

Checking or evaluating the current SEO efforts is one of the essential strategies for any business, including financial services. It is no different in the case of financial SEO. Analyze your existing SEO strategies and compare them against the latest industry best practices. You can speed up this process using an SEO checker tool that automatically performs SEO audits for you.

Conduct A Content Audit

Content is always at the center of any SEO effort. Financial companies often use educational content for marketing their business. An effective content audit must assess such content and ensure it’s relevant and valuable to the audience. It also checks whether your financial SEO content is up-to-date, well-structured, and easily understandable.

Conduct A Keyword Research

Another essential financial SEO strategy to implement for your business is conducting holistic keyword research. Ensure that the user actively uses the keywords you intend for your SEO in their online research.

You must also ensure that the keywords are relevant to your core business. Additionally, keyword research must ensure that your firm can reliably answer customer queries and provide a reliable solution.

Analyze Your Competitors

Competitor analysis is a must to understand the prevailing trends and understand what works for your target audience and what doesn’t work for them. Start by identifying your primary organic competitors.

These competitors may sometimes be different from your industry competitors because these are the companies that rank above your company on Google result pages. Once you have a list of competitors, you can check their content topics and identify gaps to optimize your content in the future.

Focus on Educational Content

For a financial organization, educational content is a must-have SEO strategy. Most people need to be more knowledgeable regarding financial terms and subjects. Use easy-to-understand educational content to help your customers navigate the economic landscape and showcase your industry expertise. You must rank high on relevant topics and establish your authority over the subject to accomplish this.

Adopt an E-A-T Approach

The E-A-T approach is a Google terminology that stands for 
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness 
  • Trustworthiness
Google uses these three factors to evaluate your website’s quality and check its relevance according to YMYL pages. The only way to meet Google’s E-A-T standards is to produce quality content for your website pages like “About Us.” Posting unbiased legit customer reviews can also help you establish trustworthiness, expertise, and authoritativeness.

Evaluate Your Technical SEO

Analyzing or evaluating your technical SEO involves assessing factors such as the indexability and crawlability of your financial website. You can better optimize your website for technical SEO by indexing all your primary website pages.

Consider using an XML sitemap listing your primary pages and using canonical tags. But these are just some preliminary measures you can take to optimize your technical SEO. It would be best if you had an SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO to make any significant progress with your technical SEO.

Mobile and Speed Optimization

Another effective financial SEO strategy you must consider for your business is mobile page speed optimization. As you can guess, it involves optimizing your financial website for mobile users because more than half the online traffic comes from mobiles. 

Rainmaker.UNO can ensure your website quickly loads on mobile networks and scales to the appropriate screen size. It makes your financial business and its services easily accessible to the user. Proper SEO ensures no one navigates away from your site because of slow loading speed.

Optimize Your Local SEO

Local SEO is a crucial part of financial SEO because most customers use nearby firms to access financial services. It involves identifying highly targeted and location-specific keywords and ensuring a high ranking. 

You must ensure your local customers always get relevant information if you have multiple branches. It gives you better control over your business operations.

Analyze and Optimize Off-page SEO

Your off-page SEO should involve every SEO effort outside your financial website that can impact your rankings.

It can include everything from external source backlinks to any social media mention of your financial company. Off-page SEO is any SEO effort other than the ones you can directly control.

However, the experts at Rainmaker.UNO can help you optimize your off-page SEO to maintain a high SERP ranking for your website.

Utilize Content Clusters

Content clusters typically include a single pillar page and a bunch of supporting pages that rely on the pillar page. Your pillar page should serve as the primary touchpoint and provide a compelling overview, including general information on a specific subject. The supporting pages give the user in-depth material on sub-topics you cover on the pillar page.
Need help implementing content clusters for your financial business?

Utilize Visual Content

Visual content always has a significant impact on the audience. Moreover, the content the user can share enhances your reach and considerably boosts your online traffic. It can be anything from videos to infographics. Some excellent choices for visual content include video explainers or how-to videos, tutorials, case studies, webinar recordings, and more.

Repurpose Existing or Previous Content

At some point, you may reach a situation where you find difficulty finding or producing quality content. If you have an extensive collection of content, consider repurposing and updating your old content. There are different ways you can repurpose existing content on your website, and they are as follows.

  • Update content to the latest standards and republish them.
  • Repurpose content to suit new sections of audiences you want to target.
  • Create unique content from a well-performing piece and interlink the original content.

Adopt a Smart Approach to Keywords

Consider taking a different and technology-backed approach to finding relevant keywords for your business. It involves building and maintaining a comprehensive keyword map and identifying paths of least resistance. It would be best if you also focused on long-tail keywords to target people in the middle of the conversion funnel. Rainmaker.UNO can help you formulate a tailor-made and tech-driven approach to finding the most relevant keywords for your business.

Enhance the Trustworthiness of Your Brand

For a financial company, enhancing trustworthiness is just as important as generating leads and conversions. Make sure that the audience finds your brand trustworthy. Some ways you can improve dependability in your financial brand are as follows.
  • Provide clear and detailed contact information
  • Get rid of 404 errors
  • Ensure robust site architecture

Latest Trends and Search Features Driving Financial Services Success in Google Results

One of the reasons financial SEO fails for many companies is that they take a one-time approach. Many companies just set up their financial site with an initial web optimization or continue to follow the same process indefinitely. But, this approach needs to be corrected. 

You must learn the latest SEO trends and search features in financial SEO to drive the desired results. Some of the popular trends and search features you should know for financial SEO in 2023 are as follows.

Highly Targeted and Data-driven Content

The success of every SEO effort is in identifying relevant pain points and providing appropriate solutions for the same. You can better accomplish this by combining your inbound marketing and SEO efforts.

In other words, you must ensure that every piece of content you produce has a clear-cut purpose. Your content must target a specific customer persona and meet their search intent.

It would be best if you had a data-driven approach and an SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO to help you with this.

Go Beyond Keywords

Financial SEO is no longer about targeting some remotely relevant keywords and focusing all your efforts around them. Your customers and search engines expect a clear path to the correct information they are looking for relevant to the context of their search.

In other words, the search result must match perfectly with the search intent and answer specific questions the customer needs answers to. Hence, it would be best if you focused on solving the customer’s problem while ensuring the best SEO practices. The use of keywords must go hand-in-hand with overall content quality, including its readability and structure.

More use of AI and Algorithms

In 2023, AIs and algorithms will have a significant role in financial SEO, especially in providing personalized user experience. Voice searches (including voice assistance like Siri and Alexa), predictive technology, and other tech are essential to SEO now.

Financial businesses must ensure that their SEO efforts keep up with the changing technology. Moreover, you must adapt content that is better suitable for conversational queries. This approach must still consider Google’s latest algorithm update.

SEO KPIs for Financial Service Companies

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are an excellent way to determine if a specific SEO approach can work for your business. It helps you understand what part of your financial strategy benefits your marketing efforts. The top SEO KPIs you should consider for assessing your SEO efforts are as follows.
SEO KPIs for Financial Service Companies

SEO Rank

It is the most common KPI to assess your SEO campaigns. The SEO rank KPI tells the position of your website or web pages in search results for specific keywords.


It is a KPI that tells you the number of times users view your web pages when searching for relevant keywords or queries.

Organic Traffic

Another popular SEO KPI to consider for your financial business is organic traffic. It refers to the number of people visiting your web pages organically via search engines like Google.

Engagement Metrics

This SEO KPI deals with information, such as the time a user spends on your site/page, the pages they view per session, etc. Bounce rates and other metrics relating to engagement are a part of this KPI.

Organic Traffic Conversions

The conversions from organic traffic include hard and soft conversions. Hard conversions include purchasing your financial services. Soft conversions can consist of things like the user subscribing to your newsletter, YouTube channel, etc.

Unique SEO Challenges Within Financial Services

Financial companies and their SEO efforts are different from most industries. It also means that a financial company’s SEO challenges are unique. Below, you can find some of the unique challenges you will likely encounter when implementing financial SEO strategies.
Unique SEO Challenges Within Financial Services

Insufficient Digital Governance

Financial institutions, especially banks, must comply with various regulations and compliances. It makes financial SEO and organic search for it relatively complex and its digital governance more challenging. However, you can minimize this limitation by using advanced tools with relevant compliance and the help of an SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO.

Broken Internal and External Links

Internal and external links are always a cause for concern for financial businesses. Moreover, it is common to find 404 errors on prominent websites, including your financial site. Such mistakes are common when you update your resources, apps, content, etc. It isn’t enjoyable for users to click on the link and find out that it does not work, and your SEO effort should include fixing these links.

Keyword Salience

It refers to keywords highly relevant to the target audience, their noticeability, and their significance in the search.

The good news is that Google lets you use its Natural Language API to compare your content with high-ranking content to measure keyword salience.

However, an expert like Rainmaker.UNO can help you eliminate this problem with an advanced keyword research process.

Tips to Hire an SEO Company for Financial Services Brands

We know financial SEO is no walk in the park, and there is no easy way to master it. The best and most convenient solution for financial brands is to choose a reliable SEO company that can meet all their SEO requirements. 

But how do you know which SEO company to hire for your brand? The following tips can help you find the answer to this question.

SEO Strategies for Financial Services

Identify Your Primary Goals

The first thing you need to do is identify and set your primary SEO goals. It will help you interview SEO companies and ensure they can meet your unique SEO needs.

Request a Free Consultation

Before deciding on the SEO company for your financial business, always request a free consultation. Rainmaker.UNO offers a free consultation that lets you talk directly with our experts and clarify all your queries.

Consider the Past and Existing Clientele

One of the best ways to assess whether an SEO company is a good choice for your business is to evaluate its previous or existing clientele. Ask for case studies and details of similar projects to yours to check how reliable the SEO company is for your requirements.
Learn how Rainmaker.UNO ensures the feasible growth of your financial business?

Wrapping Up

Financial SEO can be challenging and complex without the right SEO partner for your business. It is crucial to analyze your SEO requirements and ensure your SEO team or partner can meet them. The ideal financial SEO company is one with proven expertise, like Rainmaker.UNO.

We offer our clients a holistic financial SEO process that covers all aspects of your business. Our experts work closely with numerous projects in the financial industry. We help financial companies grow sustainably.

Our finance experts can help you formulate a tailor-made SEO plan for your business. We use advanced tools and compliant tech to ensure safe and secure SEO campaigns for your business. As a result, you can protect customer data and sustainably grow your financial business.

SEO Strategies for Financial Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are different ways through which you can find the current ranking of your website in search engines like Google. You can consider using free SERPs tools to find your location search and keyword ranking. However, rankings may differ based on individual factors like online history, browser, etc., and it’s best to seek the help of an SEO expert.
Switching to a different CMS can affect your SEO ranking as it can remove data from the website, including headings and pages. We make sure this does not happen to your financial website. Rainmaker.UNO compares your rankings before and after moving the CMS to ensure that your SEO rankings remain intact after moving the CMS.
Google Search Console and Analytics may seem the same but they have different functions. You can get the number of visitors and other relevant data from Google Analytics. Google Search Console provides site-specific information, such as information regarding keyword queries the user types in to reach your website.
The time necessary to see possible SEO results on your website varies depending on several factors. Website traffic, location, meta descriptions, etc., are some of the factors that can determine the time necessary for seeing SEO results. Generally, it can take anywhere from six months to two years to see SEO results for your financial website.
SEO is often time-consuming and can lead to complications if you need the right tools and in-depth knowledge of relevant topics. A professional SEO expert like Rainmaker.UNO can help you quickly and efficiently optimize your SEO. More importantly, our SEO operation ensures you can use your valuable time effectively.
A sitemap allows you to organize your website and its navigational flow better. It involves optimizing the website flow, including all pages and subpages. It effectively forms your business’s outline and a comprehensive website structure. Besides that, the sitemap also helps you improve your SEO rankings.
The keywords necessary to boost your website traffic can vary from business to business. You can use generic keywords that are relevant to your financial business. However, it would be best to have an expert like Rainmaker.UNO to analyze your financial website and find the most appropriate keywords that align perfectly with your content strategy.
Yes, financial websites can benefit significantly from SEO. Financial businesses can use educational content to reach their target audience and establish trust in the brand. Educational content on finance is always in high demand. With proper SEO, you can showcase your expertise to the audience and establish yourself as an industry expert.
Ideally, it would be best to improve the authoritativeness of your financial website by increasing the number of links to your website on other authoritative websites. Google checks how trustworthy your website is by checking the number of backlinks. Rainmaker.UNO can help you create reliable backlinks and boost the authority of your financial website.
No, you can not buy a bunch of backlinks to improve your website’s authority. You may be able to find offers that let you purchase backlinks, but it is only a waste of your money because it goes against Google’s policy. If Google catches any foul play in the backlinking, it can cause severe damage to your SEO ranking.
The best way to ensure that you improve your financial website’s relevancy is by carefully following SEO audit guidelines. But a more convenient approach would be to hire an SEO expert. Rainmaker.UNO offers the leading SEO service to ensure high relevancy for your website so your target audience can easily find your business online.
You can use a web tool to check whether a website is discoverable on Google. However, this only gives you limited information. Our SEO experts can conduct a detailed analysis of your website SEO and discover crucial information to optimize your SEO efforts. We can even target specific keywords and optimize the site for more traffic.
You should seek the help of a reliable SEO expert to find the primary focus of your financial SEO efforts. However, you can use the tools like Moz to check your domain authority to figure out your primary SEO focus. If the site scores more than 70 on Moz, you should focus on relevancy; if it’s less than 40, you should focus on authority.
The Return On Investment or ROI of your SEO efforts can vary from one business to another. It depends on your unique SEO goals and the existing SEO capabilities of your website. Rainmaker.UNO can help you get the best ROI for your SEO efforts by using sustainable and scalable solutions that adapt to your unique needs.
Financial SEO is often tricky and complex to navigate. Reliability and trust play a vital role in the financial industry, and your SEO efforts must also focus on establishing trust with the audience. Rainmaker.UNO helps you formulate unique financial SEO strategies that meet all your SEO goals and develop tailor-made SEO strategies for your site.